Preliminary Conference Schedule

All sessions are plenaries and will convene in 101 Hultquist Center (F22 on the map.) #literarytourgee is the official conference hashtag.

posted September 18, 2019 (program will be updated as necessary)


Optional pre- (or post-) conference visit to nearby Tourgée sites: Mayville home and gravesite; McClurg Museum in Westfield with Tourgée archives

4-5:15 pm: Opening remarks and panel discussion

“Reading Tourgée Now,” Sandra M. Gustafson, U of Notre Dame

“Writing Tourgée’s Life,” a panel discussion with biographers Mark Elliott, UNC-Greensboro and Carolyn Karcher, Temple U

Chair:  Tess Chakkalakal, Bowdoin C

5:30-6:30 pm: Keynote address

“Albion Tourgée and the Event of Emancipation,” Kenneth W. Warren, Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor, U of Chicago

6:30-7:30 pm: Opening reception, followed by dinner and a brief talk about the history of Chautauqua Institution by archivist Jon Schmitz


Session 1. 9-10:15 am: Contexts

“Tourgée and the Poetics of Sovereignty,” Nancy Bentley, U of Pennsylvania

“Albion Tourgée’s New Realism: Reconstructing Racial Imaginaries in Literature and Law,” Almas Khan, Georgetown U

“Gothic American Literary Studies and the Example of Tourgée’s Toinette,” Robert S. Levine, U of Maryland, College Park

“Albion Tourgée and the Transformation of African American Writing,” Korey Garibaldi, U of Notre Dame

Chair: Derrick Spires, Cornell U

Session 2. 10:30-11:45 am: Outcomes

“The Literary Lost Cause of Albion Tourgée,” Mary B. Hale, Newberry Library

“Dixon, Tourgée, and the Fair-and-Balanced Civil War,” Alex Leslie, Rutgers U

“Albion Tourgée and the Limits of the White Radical Tradition,” John Ernest, U of Delaware

“The Tourgée-Chesnutt Correspondence and the Limits and Promises of White Liberalism across the Conjure Stories,” Jennifer Greeson, U of Virginia

Chair:  Shirley Samuels, Cornell U

12-1 pm Lunch, with short talk about Tourgée and Associate Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson (Brown v. Board) by Greg Peterson from the Jackson Center in Jamestown, NY

Session 3. 1-2:15 pm: Representing Race

“Beyond Sympathy: Tourgée, Inhabitability, and the White-Authored Race Novel,” Melissa Daniels-Rauterkus, U of Southern California

“A Theological Interpretation of the African American Experience as Showcased in Bricks Without Straws,” Francine Allen, Morehouse C

“‘To Live Under the Curse of God and the Contempt of Man’: Epidermalization of the Race Inferiority Complex in Albion Tourgée’s Pactolus Prime,” DeLisa D. Hawkes, U of Maryland, College Park

“‘The Indignity of Belonging to the Colored Race’: Tourgée’s Formalist Critique of Biopolitics,” Jeannine DeLombard, U of California, Santa Barbara

Chair: Gwenn Bookman, Bennett C

Session 4. 2:30-3:45 pm: Representing the Costs of the Civil War

“‘I don’t care a rag for the Union as it was’: Amputation and the Work of the Freedman’s Bureau in Albion Tourgée’s Bricks without Straw,” Sarah Chinn, Hunter C

“The Veteran’s Pipe: Albion Tourgée’s Radical Politics of Ownership,” Kristen Treen, U of St. Andrews

“Interpersonal Pensions: Albion Tourgée, William Dean Howells, and the Arrears Act of 1879,” Nate Windon, Loyola U, Maryland

“Scale Models: Albion Tourgée, Thomas Nelson Page, and the Size of Reconstruction,” Jackson Truschel, U of Delaware

Chair:  Kari Winter, U at Buffalo

Session 5. 4-5:30 pm: Literary Critical Approaches to Albion Tourgée

“The Unpublished Poetry of Albion Tourgée,” Patrick Morgan, U of Louisiana Monroe

“The Aesthetic Work of Utopian Spaces in Tourgée’s Bricks without Straw  and Chesnutt’s The Colonel’s Dream,” Annemarie Mott Ewing, U of Maryland, College Park

“A ‘rich field of romantic incident’: Disruptive Inscrutability in A Royal Gentleman,” Lori Robison, U of North Dakota

“Virtuous Community vs. Economic Self-Interest:  Rethinking Property in Button’s Inn,” Molly Ball, Eureka C

Chair: Dorri Beam, Syracuse U

7-9 pm: Dinner on own and/or optional outing to Lily Dale for the program “Spiritualism and Suffragists: An Evening at Lily Dale.” Hosted by Carrie Bramen and Celeste Elliott. Details here.

SUNDAY  9/29

Session 6. 9-10:15 am: Teaching Tourgée Today

“Who Are Tourgée’s Black Characters?” Tess Chakkalakal, Bowdoin C

“Tourgée’s War Fiction,” Liam Corley, Cal Poly Pomona

“Writing while White,” Jeff Clymer, U of Kentucky

Chair:  Gregory Laski, US Air Force Academy

10:30-11:45 am New Directions in Tourgée Studies

Roundtable discussion with Nancy Bentley (U of Pennsylvania), Melissa Daniels-Rauterkus (U of Southern California), Jeannine DeLombard (U of California, Santa Barbara), John Ernest (U of Delaware), and Jennifer Greeson (U of Virginia)

Chair: Gregory Laski (US Air Force Academy)



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